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How We Help

The Quint Boenker Preemie Survival Foundation is focused on increasing the survival rate of premature babies. We work work with major hospitals networks and provide funds for research that will lead to new ways of helping preemies fight the battle of survival and win. This may be new breakthroughs in medicine and new technology.

We believe that the nursing staff that makes up these units is of vital importance to the care of the babies, and the care of the families. Nurses are the front lines of this battle. Their focus, dilligence, and abilities to manage the situation are paramount to success, and to the experience of the family.

Many times premature babies lose their fight. The foundation provides funds to meet the physiological needs of these families and assist them in the costs or saying goodbye to their child.

Join us in meeting the needs, and saving lives.


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Join us in saving lives and offering hope to premature babies and their families. Donate today.